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A Termite Surprise

By Carol Niedzialek I had a dreadful experience last month with a bag of mulch I had purchased and I thought gardeners should be made aware of this. I had opened the last bag of six that I purchased a few months ago. A day or two went by before doing any of these things. […]

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Invasive “Mile-a-minute”

On Patrol With the Weed Warriors By ANNE RAVER. An invasive plant, aptly named mile-a-minute, threatens to take over the Northeast. Can a few gardeners and scientists stop it? (Thanks to Renny Smith.)

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Home and Office Lost in Fire, Can Garden Be Helped?

Reply to BJ Appelgren: I’m writing on behalf of my friend Connie who has lost everything in a house fire. Her husband, who was home at the time, when something exploded and ignited the fire, was able to save himself and their dog, but not their 2 cats. The house burned to the ground and […]

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Alternative to Roundup?

Reply to Don Davis:  I recently became aware of a formula which was touted to be an alternative to Roundup and just as effective. Excuse me if this is old news but it’s new to me. Before I try it I’d like to know if any of you have any experience with it or just […]

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