Favorite Garden Plants

GEG Favorites

The plants that we have designated as our “favorites” earned that distinction because of the relative ease with which they grow in this area and the significant contribution they make to our gardens. They are the plants that we have found to be the most useful, interesting and reliable; that give the biggest return on our investment of time, money, effort; and that most consistently meet our expectations. The list is by its nature selective. There may be many others that deserve to be included. These are the plants with which we are most familiar at this time, where we have actual “hands on” experience growing the plant in this area.

Click here to download a PDF of the GEG Favorite Plants list. The Favorite Plants list was researched and developed by Anne Moss, Wendy Maddox, Barbara Broerman, Jacque Seldeen, and Suds Suddarth.

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